1. Back by very popular demand I have added a chatroom to the Home Page and will monitor accordingly. Simply add a Nick name and make a password and click CONNECT and you will be in the chatroom. I hope this is a speedy version and you enjoy being back together. Stuart

    (Posted on 2016-11-23 21:29:00 by Stuart)
  2. Update
    Sorry for the chatroom not being live at the minute but the it seems that the server has been hacked and the Moonfruit Team (server providers) have been trying to restore the settings but as yet no luck. I will see if another chatroom host is available

    (Posted on 2015-12-22 16:36:00 by stuart)
  3. Update from Blackpool
    A month or so since my last writing so for those that I didnt get to see over the Fleetwood weekend I thought a quick update would be in order. Enjoyed the Friday night up in Fleetwood catching up with the chaps over dinner - thanks and hope that those that called in to see me over the weekend felt welcome.
    Summary of my breeding season was just over 50 but I have to take responsibilty for only having half the number of chicks I had in 2014, you just cannot managed a stud of birds from all corners of the world and with the best will and effort by the home team it just does not work. However, I am content that lack of quantity didnt mean lack of quality and we are taking a strong team into 2016 hopeful that there will be some nice birds after breeding next year. The largest failure was that not one white made it through but I am confident this wont happen again in 2016. I was hoping that the Yellow Cin Cock that Brian let me have last year would have produced a Cin Buff Hen that I could have run back to him but even that plan failed. He will get the same big hen in 2016 in the hope of the cin hen I am looking for.
    At work it is still very demanding and occasionally brings you back to earth in what reality is about (this week we lost one of the worlds most promising modern pentathletes (not from GBR) but only 22 yrs old. We have 3 qualified for the Rio Olympics and the pressure cooker is rising each week as we prepare and plan, its going well but not there yet.
    I plan to re-launch the website in time for the New Year - time permitting.
    Good luck and best wishes to everyone

    (Posted on 2015-12-03 20:37:00 by Stuart)
  4. Hi everyone - as I told you before I am working in Prague at the minute and then one day transit to Portugal.....yawn.
    I have been overwhelmed with emails from friends reference my decision to cut back - just want to make it clear that I am cutting right back but not packing in altogether. I will be keeping the better stock birds to build and improve what I have. The fact is that as I am going to be away and the wife is working more hours it make the management of the birds in breeding season almost impossible. The birds will be moulted out and then select what I am keeping to go forward with, no change in the system just fewer to look after. The break is from the mainstream pressure of keeping the birds and just wanting to have a little hobby when at home.

    (Posted on 2015-07-09 19:28:00 by Stuart)
  5. Monday 6th July 2015 - not a day I ever expected to be writing on my own website that for a while I will be dropping out of mainstream borders (not that I was ever in the mainstream though) So as I pack my car and head off to Czech Rep today for 10 days I thought I would just give my reasoning and say thanks to everyone that has supported the site over the past years. I have been asked to leave the Home Page live with the Chatroom facility available to those that would like to continue using it - no problem, this will be available as usual.
    So my reasons and forward plan - from today until 16th October I have only 8 bed nights at home and some of the away trips run into each other (move from one competition country to another without coming back to the UK) in the comeing weeks/months I am in Czech, Portugal, Hungary, Argentina, America an so on.....then next year leading into the RIO 2016 Games we have just received the comp and training schedule that informs me I will basically be away from end of March through to August (end of OG) with very little time in the UK therefore a breeding season is out of the question with full team.
    I am going to keep a very small managable amount of hens (6ish) and a couple of cocks, (concentrate on the colours I like) and only as many as the home team can look after without being stressed about it. Keeping enough for just a hobby and some interest. I have not shown for several years and didnt really ever intend to anyway so that is not a concern.
    I will be contactable via the email address and will reply whenever I get reliable internet overseas.
    Good luck and remember, they are only birds!!

    (Posted on 2015-07-06 08:31:00 by Stuart)
  6. NEWS
    Boiling hot day here in Blackpool and I am sure the beach wallers on holiday are loving it, will be the usual parade of lobsters on the Prom tonight for sure. Amazing what a few pints can do to numb the pain. Not got around to switching the aircon on in the shed though, will leave it to see if this hot spell continues. It would seem that there have been several studs having eggs going to the point of hatch and the chicks dying trying to chip out - nearly everyone has said that the inner membrane is rubbery or stuck to the chick and unless on hand to free the chick and sort it out they die. For me now it is a case of getting them finished, last few out of the nest and managable by the home team once I start the summer competitions, nipping off to Argentina for the world championships will be a drag, especially as I will have a very short turn a round afterwards before heading back over the pond to Hawai for the World Ironman followed by my other daughters wedding whilst there.
    All has to be done !!

    (Posted on 2015-06-10 15:37:00 by Stuart)
  7. NEWS
    Swings and roudabouts, that famous saying, well how true that is!! one step forward and three back - all seems to be going well then another dissapointment, nothing too serious just a minder that thought they had done very well when he thought one of the hens had laid 3 eggs yesterday morning whilst I was away, in fact I had set the 3 eggs about a week ago - omg he had taken them out and put them in the egg drawers. Not sure if bad instructions from me or my helper is just not cut out for a birdshed. My regular minder was away at a hen night so chaos ensued. Not to worry though because a few hatched off and from some of the better pairs (still not a white feather in the shed) I have just about had enough of this season and almost wound down now with majority of hens now in flight cages, just last few sitting and feeding chicks now. Was good to be back on the chatroom catching up the other night with everyone.

    (Posted on 2015-06-08 19:03:00 by Stuart)
  8. NEWS
    I am sure many of you will have an idea how difficult it is to manage a very demanding job and a reasonable stud of birds at the same time - then ramp up the job hours, remove a couple of members of staff, average 18 hour days every day, including international travel and you might get the picture as to the neglect to the website over past month or so. I can only appologise to the regulars and hope I can soon get back on track. There is a 98% built new site just parked waiting for the finishing touches before I can launch it, dont know when I will get around to that though.
    Lack of time in the shed has murdered an otherwise expected good breeding season - the home team have done all they can to ensure we have sufficient youngsters to pick a breeding team out for next year, so that is the main thing and I have to say that the chicks that are there are very nice and happy with them. Just opened my 5th packet of rings, few chicks still in nest and whilst paired up with 4 pairs potentially to breed whites, as at today there is not a white chick in the shed. Gutted..... so ran the good white cock to any buff hen that would take him as a last roll of the dice. 3 hens sitting his eggs and then thats it for this year.
    One or 2 people have called me and said how well they are doing compared with previous years, others saying same as usual, just enough to get by with and then those that have had complete wipe out - so all in all nothing changes in the Border world does it. I will catch up with everyone and start to try and get back on the chat room again, really miss it.
    Bye for now and hope you all finish breeding season off with a final bit of good luck. Stuart

    (Posted on 2015-06-04 16:23:00 by Stuart)
  9. I just seem to be saying sorry these days for not blogging every day, truth is not only am I the busiest I have ever been at work and time is a battle, I also dont have that much to write to you about. The birds are one step forward and 3 steps back, just seem to get going and another setback comes my way. End of last week I had 40 chicks and begining of this week back down to the thirties - one hen sat so tight she did 5 chick in one go (squashed) I am told hens dont sit tight enough to squash chicks and I bow to greater knowledge than I have, but believe me they were doing a bloody good impression of be squashed. Perhaps they died and then she sat them into the bottom of the nest. The saving grace is that I am delighted with the ones that I have separated so far (into my second packet of rings) they are lovely and look like they will make up into something worth keeping.
    There has been several discussions about the Perle Morbide, I have to be honest and say that prior to breeding I tried the hens on it and they did eat it no problem (the green and yellow version) but then when I put in softfood for the hens feeding the chicks I was not so happy with it, yes the hens fed it perfectly fine but the droppings turned bright green and loose in texture. Sorry to those that use it and have good results but I have passed on it for the time being. I will try the plain version (blanc) but as for the green - pass on that for now.
    I have not had time for the chat room recently but emails and calls in the daytime tells me that this year is going very well for most and several are already in the 50 chicks zone, one with 80+ so it seems we could be in for a bumper year. I absolutely won't ht the 100+ this year purely because of working away and the dreadful first batches of eggs, mainly clear - birds fit enough but just mist the start line with running cocks in with hens, cant do that from Budapest !! so definitely a quality rather than quantity year for 2015. If I get to the 60 - 70 mark I will be well chuffed.
    Just got to back my bag - flying to Barcelona tomorrow for a few days (work) omg.....

    (Posted on 2015-04-22 14:51:00 by Stuart)
  10. NEWS
    Challenges galore caused mainly by not having sufficient time in with the birds personally through being away from home working. Absence from home is nothing new to me having been 3 decades in the army so no stranger to being away. The problem is obviously this time of year when the birds are so demanding and deserve attention. Juggling to move deserted eggs, abondand chicks and running cocks around just some of the daily essentials, not to mention making the softfood, setting eggs and keeping accurate records - all tasks taken on by the wife in my absence. The written instructions and routine we have would blow your mind, colour coded messages, recipes, hatching charts and me having a photo of every cage on my phone for quick reference when she has a problem. Yes !! we have our challenges. I think I reported previously that the first period away resulted in us missing the start line and hens laying unfertile eggs - these where more than we expected and added to the usual first round quantity of clear eggs gave me real cause for concern and thought wtf why do we bother. But having split them up, re-grouped and got our shit together we are alomost back on track with several youngsters, incubator with clutches of full eggs and hopefull for more hatchings this coming weekend. WAY behind the 2014 number at this time of the year but I can extend a bit longer this year if I have to.
    So if you are facing your own challenges fall back on the fact that you are not alone and everyone has some difficulties in one way or another - Good Luck (I am packing my bag for a couple of days competing in Barcelona :-)

    (Posted on 2015-04-09 20:25:00 by Stuart)
  11. NEWS
    Home tomorrow at last and time to have a few days relaxing in the shed or not aas the case maybe. Been waiting all morning for news from home to say the eggs due off today have started to hatch but all silent and working on fact no news is bad news otherwise the hot line would have been burning. Naffed off because a couple of the best pairings I made are amongst todays expected hatchers. Oh well same story for most people, the stormer dies, the best pairs fail or you drop the nest of best eggs. Bordermen are the best practised in all these skills !!
    will update once I have audited shed tomorrow night.

    (Posted on 2015-04-03 10:55:00 by Stuart)
  12. NEWS Catch up
    Its been a week or so ssince I last posted anything on the news items and I am sorry but my work has had me here there and everywhere. Currently in Berlin for a full week and then will be zipping off to Barcelona, so you can see that my time is fully taken up at the minute. Needless to say that I am managing the birdshed in virtual mode and by leaving detailed instructions for the home team (of one). Some would be saying why the hell do you bother, but I do it because it is in my blood and I have never been without the borders at all for past 42 years and that inlcudes full military career - obviously some of thaat time on campaign service has meant remote management with the wife looking after them again. You would be amazed at our system and coding within the shed - very detailed and preciseto ensure I have mirror copy of all notes whilst I am away and I photograph each cage with the bird in it and we then can refer to cages and I look at the pics to make sure we are talking about same bird. To be honest I think they are better looked after whilst I am away.
    So how is it going at the moment? I am told there are chicks around the shed (borders) and the hens are feeding ok. I like questions like "should I leave the nest of 5 together or split them" omg that is music to my ears - but on the downside I am informed that there are a few with 2 chicks only. If I was home I would make them up in to 3's if possible and let the spare hen then go down again. I will post a pic of the nest of 5 below the news item box for you to see.
    If you are planning on using the Perle Morbide and not feeding any chicks yet - stand by for green droppings, but the hens do feed on it. I am mixing in with eggfood and it mixes quite well. If fortunate enough to get a white then I will use the Blanc Perle Morbide on those as I am sure the green will colour the whites.
    Good luck everyone and hope you have a bumper season, I think that with my work commitments I will be down on numbers from last year but should breed enough for my needs.

    (Posted on 2015-04-02 11:52:00 by Stuart)
  13. NEWS
    Season underway and got a few hens sitting, not checked eggs yet though - probably just leave then alone as I am here there and everywhere at the minute. One or 2 hens are being a nightmare and very aggresive scalping any cock that I put in their cage. I am hopeful they will settle down sopo though. Couple of the hen sitting are my whites so if any luck coming my way and eggs are fertile we should be ok.
    News from friends is that a couple have double number hens sitting and eggs due of in next few days - good luck all.
    Update on the new website is that it is well under way and now testing the pages and kinks etc. Main jobs outstanding on the new site are firstly to make sure the chat section works and to get the live stream trialled for a few days - plan is to watch a hen rear a nest of chicks live 24/7 just hope we can achieve it. Other features will be exclusive members section with access to current photos, products reviews and an online shop. So definitely something to look forward to. Good luck over next few months everyone. S

    (Posted on 2015-03-12 20:46:00 by Stuart)
  14. NEWS
    Sorry for lack of updates over last few weeks but work has been manic and time against me. Very little time for anything these days other than normal work and assisting the team effort in prep for Rio next year - hardly seems possible that the Olympics are next year?? where has the last 4 years since London gone.
    In the shed I have some hens sitting but I am not confident that I caught them soon enough and may have bucket full of clear eggs soon - but will make it up on next round. The little feeder mosaics are sat on full eggs because I ran those together and left them so had plenty of opportunity to tread. If any luck blowing my way there could be a few full border eggs, will have to just see in a few days when I check them.
    Good news is that fairly soon this website format will be changing and a new version uploaded. I am hopeful that you will like it. Bit more corporate looking and many new features.
    Good luck everyone and hope for good season ahead

    (Posted on 2015-03-06 16:36:00 by Stuart)
  15. NEWS
    Back home for a week, well until Friday anyway then off again but will fit Stafford in on Sunday to pick a few provisions up. Got home to a bit of a problem on Friday morning, the birds were ahead of what I though and several eggs on the floor from the Friday - not a total disaster just had to do some swift management control, check the hens vents (all of them) to assess exactly how far they have come by way of breeding condition. The ones that had laid by coincidence were in the first 10 birds rung last year, so there lays a point to note.
    I have got a couple of hens that have now built a nest but I will not gets my hopes up as I think I missed them on time with a cock. They will go through first cycle and then I will start a fresh with them. Linda Hogan mailed me to write a short blog for her website and to give a couple of my experiences wit the borders, not rocket science but Linda has uploaded a page or two of what I sent her.
    Anyone going to Stafford this Sunday, I will see you for a quick catch up. S

    (Posted on 2015-02-23 12:53:00 by Stuart)
  16. NEWS
    Well here I am in my (not) favourite type of hotel, the famous Premier Inn.... could be worse I suppose. At least we have valentines day to look fwd to tomorrow with all the slobbering couples having dinner probably wishing they were somewhere else!!
    News from the bat cave back home is that a hen is scragging the other hens in its cage so had to be isolated - they will all be separated when I get back next weekend, then will be close to the start line.
    One thing I have to report is that the Perle Morbide has been accepted by my birds and they seem to really like it - against my better judgement becuase I didnt think it would. I remain open minded

    (Posted on 2015-02-13 18:16:00 by Stuart)
  17. NEWS
    Hi everyone, just taking this opportunity to make a quick blog as I sit on a Virgin train back up to Blackpool from London. Not the easiest thing to do without puking when the train is trucking along. What I dont get is how they can charge you £45 for a first class ticket and £83 for the cattle truck up front? logic gone crazy.
    Will get home before the lights go out and able to sort the birds out. Away tomorrow for over a week and leaving the birds in the charge of home team and the dogs.... omg what will I get back to?
    God I hate trains..... catch up later. S

    (Posted on 2015-02-11 16:29:00 by Stuart)
  18. NEWS
    Morning from a sunny but bitter cold Blackpool. Whilst very busy time in the shed it is also a quiet time (other than cocks deafening you) conditioning should be underway now for most in some form or other. Always a balancing act giving the programme of whatever additional foods you give (soft food etc) and keeping the weight off the hens in particular. I have a couple of hens showing more fat than I want to see and just trying a bit of a new fitness routine with them for a change. They are in a double breeder for couple of days with one of the fit feeders to chase them around - think they feel like they are on a special forces boot camp, he does not give them a minute to rest other than quick drink :-)
    Everyone is buzzing about the product Perle Morbide and how good it is - I am as usual very sceptical but then I think how can so many people be wrong? could I ask that anyone using it and have good or bad experiences to start a forum topic and we can share information. I have had so many good reports but mainly from the continent and sometimes our breeding routine is just so different to theirs, despite Borders being borders etc. so your views welcome.
    New website is still progressing and hope for full launch before the breeding season starts so that we can live stream a breeding pair of birds for you to follow 24/7

    (Posted on 2015-02-03 12:19:00 by Stuart)
  19. NEWS
    Hard snow around the country is catching some people out despite the warnings. Getting call from people with cracked drinkers due to temp dropping so low in their shed - for me then that is just too much. Although I remember the days when it was my job as a kid in the winter to go out to the shed first thing and crack the ice on the glass top hats for the birds to get a drink, no heating or lighting at all - but yet there was always a shed full of youngsters at the end of the season. Grandad never paired up til mid April no matter what the weather was doing. Amazing thing is that no matter what condtions you set for the birds they always know what is going on outside and cold days do affect them. I have no windows, no natural light at all but the hens deffo know what the weather is doing. Got an unexpected weekend at home this weekend so will have big clean out of cages and split some of the hens off that are getting aggresive, one or 2 now pulling others and I put a tiny piece of nesting material in the wires and all hell let loose - because I use clay bowls and the young hens sometimes dont take to them that easy I put one in the treble breeder upside down on the floor for a day or 2 so that as a group they can get used to them. Probably barmy idea but cant do any harm. I was asked how to get birds to drink their water when you have put additives in and they dont like it - take the drinkers off the cages just before lights out and put them back an hour after first light in the morning, they will soon be drinking have no doubt.
    Have a great weekend, busy time ahead :-)

    (Posted on 2015-01-30 13:22:00 by Stuart)
  20. Belated News
    The Novice Results from Italy have just been sent to me as they were not included in the original results sent through:

    Best Novice STILE
    2nd Best Novice BIGI
    3rd Best Novice BIGI
    4th Best Novice STILE
    5th Best Novice STILE
    6th Best Novice FERRANDO
    7th Best Novice STILE


    Best Novice DE GIGLIO
    2nd Best Novice DE GIGLIO
    3rd Best Novice DE GIGLIO
    4th Best Novice PASTORINO
    5th Best Novice DANESE
    6th Best Novice DANESE
    7th Best Novice PASTORINO

    (Posted on 2015-01-28 10:11:00 by Stuart)
  21. NEWS
    Sorry for not being on the site for last few days, been on complete meltdown at work and not getting 2 minutes for anything. Just about managing to keep the birds ticking over - get in the shed as soon as the light comes on in the morning, seed and water done, other bits and pieces they have to get and then out to work. Apart from one of my best clear buff cocks fitting yesterday and died, I have to say that the lack of time in the shed is not having any adverse affect at all. In fact I would go as far as to say they look better than usual. Have to manage my time a bit better though once I get them paired up or it will be curtains even with the home help I get. I have managed to wriggle out of work this coming weekend but then will be working every weekend through til about end of June, this includes several 4 - 7 day trips overseas. So this coming weekend I will take full advantage of being at home and clean out, trim nails and vents, separate the hens hens and wait until start line approaches. End of February I think will see some of the early bred chicks from last year ready to go down, 27th February in 2014 was first hatching day so some will be 12 months old by then and not having had any show stress what so ever they will be buzzing by then. That said I will wait until I see hens are reaacting to cocks and squating to accept tread when I hold a show cage next to them with a cock singing, then I know they are nearly ready.
    I am not replying to FB msgs through the day at min as I seem to be getting inundated with them and to be honest they are a distraction, so just understand I am not ignoring on purpose but work has to come first at the minute.
    Hope everyone is ok and your own birds looking well and you are excited about the next few months....... good luck

    (Posted on 2015-01-27 12:32:00 by Stuart)
  22. NEWS
    Morning everyone - cold few days ahead and could if you are not careful set the birds back , but will also do them some good. Just be aware that if you lump the heating up too much you are likely to get some go soft so be careful.
    I have had lots of enquiries about my logic of using any insect based product with canaries and some to the point of thinking they would not touch it. This morning I took a couple of photos just after I put one teaspoon (heaped) in the treble breeders for the hens. These pics are below this news box. I think it clearly shows that the hens are actively pecking through it and in a matter of minutes it is all gone. I dont go mad with it but they get a tiny amount each morning. It takes a day or two for them to get used to it and one or 2 wont touch it but 90% of the bird spend ages scratting through to find the goodness.
    So my logic: As I have said before we are the masters of the little prisoners we keep in cages and everything they do or get is dependant on what we provide. My logic is simple, they need 3 things to trigger coming into condition 1. a definite change in diet provision in some way, this then triggers the fact that spring is here and food is available for them to feed thier chicks - I start with the insect patte for them to find by scrapping around on the floor - just like outside the insects and grubs become available at spring time, then I go into complete conditioning programme. 2. They need to know that the days are extending and enough time to feed the chicks in daylight - hence the increase in lights each week. 3. Not so cold that hens sit too tight, just a couple of degrees make the difference.
    So what in summary am I saying: there has to be changes in provision of food, light and heat to replecate the natural breeding season of the birds. This will trigger the birds coming into condition.
    Then you continue with established condition programme through to pairing up your birds.
    These are my thoughts

    (Posted on 2015-01-20 11:18:00 by Stuart)
  23. NEWS
    Weather seems to be the main these of news at the minute, got caught in a snow storm coming back from Bath last night and we have had some wintery showers today. As usual in Blackpool very windy and next doors car port come external awning type thing was shredded overnight with most of it now in my driveway.
    Even with a degree extra on the heater the birds seem to notice the change outside and very visual that they are not quite as chirpy on days like this. One way to brighten the cocks up though is to stick a hen in a show cage and put it on the staging, they soon pay attention when she call them and then all hell lets loose - ear defenders on.....
    This week see's the start of me just putting a spoon full of the ground mix insect patte in the hens treble breeder, they spend hours flitting through the sawdust for the best bits - this I think lets them know that the extra's are now available and in a very natural way giving them tiny increase of protien. As I said previously in my opinion attention to detail now should pay off later - all well so far though....

    (Posted on 2015-01-14 17:15:00 by Stuart)
  24. Irish BFCC Results
    Belated Congratulations to Linden Evans on taking Best Border and Phil Neil on taking Best Novice

    (Posted on 2015-01-12 15:45:00 by Stuart)
  25. NEWS
    Terrible weather in Blackpool today and predicted to get worse tomorrow and over the weekend with winds coming in off the seafront reaching 70 - 80 miles an hour, more fence panel damage no doubt.
    In the shed rhe birds are well with one or two cocks pulling and feeding their feet and cage fronts. Hens about right for now but attention to detail from now on is crucial to the conditioning programme. Lights being a major factor these are now being extended 20 min a week on a Monday for me, what I do is take them up to 13 hours this way then lump the last hour on in one go, this I think just brings them forward the last bit. Everyone has their own systems don't they for increasing light. Adjustment of feeding and supplements for conditioning programme is another thing altogether..... we have traditionalist and those prepared to experiment, without making to many changes I fall into the later category thinking that borders have changed so much over the years and their needs are different so adaptation is required. Get the basics right and fine tune the margains.

    (Posted on 2015-01-07 20:54:00 by stuart)
  26. NEWS
    As most of my friends know, my proper job and one that is my life at the moment is supporting the world class athletes I am responsible for in their preparation for Rio 2016 and beyond, plus the next generation of GB hopefulls.
    The reason I mention that is within that world it often gives me fantastic opportunities to cross compare what I do at work and how we prepare and manage our borders. A few examples that might stimulate some thoughts for you but might nark some as being blindingly obvious - none the less it still happens.
    In my work environment around elite athletes, hygiene and good discipline is everything, for example if an athlete as a cold, feeling down or just not well, would another athlete use his water bottle or share eating utensils - NEVER, why because the contamination risk is just to high. QUESTION: How many times have you in your shed or when visiting another shed been told "there are my hen in the flight cage, all well except that one a bit of colour" TRUE? yet that one bird is drinking from same drinkers passing on saliva direct through the drinkers etc - perfect remedy for bringing the whole team down. It happens.
    Next is simple, attention to detail and dont take short cuts.

    (Posted on 2015-01-06 15:53:00 by Stuart)
  27. NEWS
    Morning, just a quick link for a good continetal supplier and worth a browse around their website
    You can click the translate button in the top right hand corner and it will convert the pages in English for you.
    Everyone back to work proper this morning by the look of the roads, chaos all over the place. Catch up later.....S

    (Posted on 2015-01-05 09:32:00 by Stuart)
  28. NEWS
    Had a visit this morning from good friends Gary and Jason just for a call in and see how things going, had good chat and able to catch up..... thanks for coming over!
    NEWS from East Antrim Border Show - Results
    Best In Show No Courtenay
    2nd N Courtenay
    3rd G Qua
    4th N Courtenay
    5th J Harvey
    7th S Stewart
    Best Novice A Telford
    2nd P Neill
    3rd A Telford
    4th A Telford
    5th P Neill
    6th J McDougall
    7th P Neill
    Congratulations to all......

    (Posted on 2015-01-04 15:08:00 by Stuart)
  29. NEWS
    Lost track of days completely over the xmas period, today just did not feel like a Saturday at all. Managed to get some work done (proper work) then got into shed to do a bit of cleaning out and tidying up. Had a visit from a friend and spent an hour or so talking about the birds and recent Belgium trip.
    I caught and inspected all the hens today and identified any that where carrying to much excess fat - only a couple but these will be joining slimming club from tomorrow! But I do have a small problem - the feeders (white mosaics) are very forward, vents swollen, no fat at all etc..... the little birds eat like birds twice their size but remain in great condition.

    (Posted on 2015-01-03 21:43:00 by stuart)
  30. NEWS
    Happy News Year to everyone and hope that 2015 is a great year for you.
    So what for the website? Over the xmas break I have been working on a new development for the site with complete rebuild using a new service provider. But it is very expensive to take this forward - it will be a huge improvement though with new features etc.
    Birds in the shed are still looking ok and as they should be for this time. Will continue preparation process and hope to see gradual coming into condition. Vital part of the season now isn't it? I see some comment on the canary tales blog of Linda Hogan about our Begian visit.

    (Posted on 2015-01-01 20:40:00 by stuart)
  31. NEWS
    New floor down in the shed at last, been saying I will do it for a couple of years now but finally got to do it with a lot of help! from son Steven and future son in law James (thats funny, son in law and he is a legal solicitor)
    I am hoping that the Team DVD has arrived through some letter boxes today and I know Mick will be sending out any that have been requested subsequently. Talk about news travelling dast in the Border world - I had email from Linda Logan asking permision to use our report and publish it in Canary Tales blog. I thought cripes, must think it worth a read then. Of course I said yes but on the provision that full credit for the content goes to Peter Coutteel.
    There will be many different opinions on what we did and I know since being back there are also different opinions on what we were told - I am strong believer in that everyone has the right to choose what they do and how they co about it. If someone can offer some options to consider then great - we move on. One thing for sure is that the Border Fancy has changed since the roaring 60's and 70's and the breeding systems/requirements have changed too.
    Can you believe that someone previously unknown to me mailed me to say that if everyone knows how to breed borders the market will be swamped and the prices will come down. Arrrrgh wtf - that makes me so mad, surely quality v quantity is the real key? I may be wrong but do we not want to breed copious amounts of pure quality? to do that you have to get them on the perches - so as they say "every little helps"

    (Posted on 2014-12-29 16:00:00 by Stuart)
  32. NEWS
    Been a good day of sport on TV as usual for a Boxing Day. Enjoyed the racing from Kempton with 2 stand out horses that will probably go forward to Cheltenham (Faughreen and Silviano Conti) Then the footy and depending who you support you had a good day or not (I came out of it ok)
    Managed to get some proper work done and also give the birds the once over, still seem to be looking well at the moment. My lights will start the increase programme from tomorrow and like many others will use the gradual method of 15 - 20 min a week until they get 14 hours, this along with the prep programme should see the birds ready for the start line.

    (Posted on 2014-12-26 20:31:00 by Stuart)
    Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and some nice presents this morning! (Davey I hope you got what you wanted in your stocking !!)
    Normal day here for me as we had our Christmas day on 23rd to fit in with all the family arrangements, daughter Andrea had to be back home in Chamonix to meet up with friends and do some training ! - so we are Christmas free here :-) I am taking next few days to hopefully finally get round to some DIY in the shed, bit of painting and with extra bit of motivation put the new floor down :-(
    Birds are in really good shape and cocks singing away nicely, hens probably better than ever at this time of the year and I am pleased with progress so far.
    Don't forget to email Mick D if you want a copy of the video from our trip to Belgium (but PLEASE cover your postage) it is in my opinion worth a look . Mick's email address in previous NEWS item.
    Have a good day and catch up soon.

    (Posted on 2014-12-25 13:21:00 by Stuart)
    It seems that there has been a problem with downloading the complete video from our visit to Belgium and you can only download 15min of the 43min video. This is because my Drop Box account was smashed to bits in a matter of minutes and they closed me down by suspending my account!
    The best part of the video is actually the second half of it and all the explantions are priceless. So to solve the problem for those that want a copy, Mick Donovan has kindly agreed to copy onto DVD and send out to those that want one. You will have to cover the postage as that is only reasonable. Email Mick on and request a copy. Allow a couple of days for xmas post etc though.

    (Posted on 2014-12-24 09:21:00 by Stuart)
  35. NEWS
    Guys - calm down a bit please.... I have the video ready now and it is stored in my drop box for easy access. If you would like a link so that you can see it and then read the report (LINK BELOW at bottom of this page) then drop me an email and I will send you the video link asap. You just have to turn the volume up loud (especially at the end of the video, for my DJ effort :-))
    Once you have the video link you have my permision to share it with club members and friends from whatever breed of canary.
    Good luck, enjoy and happy xmas !! S

    (Posted on 2014-12-23 13:26:00 by NEWS)
  36. NEWS
    Good morning, I have uploaded my short report and put a link at the bottom of this page. It will take reading through a couple of times I am sure.
    PLEASE understand that this is meant to be informative and helpful, you must decide if anything in your current programme needs tweaking or not or best to leave well alone. My ethos is that times and methods move on according to research and change, if you are doing the same things that you did 20 years ago then it is highly likely that your procedures have not changed in line with the evolution of the border genetics and breeding characteristics.
    I have a video of the whole presentation but it is too large in size to upload to my website so I will have to find another way of getting it made public. Copying to DVD is a not starter because so time consuming. Catch up later. S

    (Posted on 2014-12-23 08:37:00 by Stuart)
  37. NEWS
    Been working putting the report and video together today to share some information from our trip to Belgium - I was going to sit and make DVD's to sent out but the video is quite large space wise and takes for ever to copy so I have binned that idea. My plan is to put a link on this website for the written report and you can download/print as and if you want. The video I will have to upload to a dropbox and anyone that want s copy will have to email me and I will send you a link so that you can see it. For the video you will need PC and video turned up loud but it is ok and you can make out what is being said.
    Keep an eye out later tonight and I will put on website if I get it all finished. S

    (Posted on 2014-12-22 16:27:00 by Stuart)
  38. NEWS
    All back from Belgium in one piece slightly frazzled and tired but I think to a man we all agreed it was worthwhile and the experience of travelling as a group of 14 men, visiting 3 top bordermen's, receiving a top class presentation from Peter Coutteel and then dinner out as a group. Several stand out moments for me personally but Peters presenation and listening to his research findings on Black Spot and megabacetria were very high up for me. The plan now is for me to write up a full report backed up by the video footage from Peters presentation and then get it out to anyone that is interested. What I will say is that unless you have already been to a specific presentation by Peter then this information is gold standard. WHY ? because he designed it around the pre-prepared questions we sent him before we went so that all those previosly unknowns were covered during our visit. We got full tour of his surgery, treatment room and recovery room. He is a true gentleman and so passionate about our feathered friends.

    (Posted on 2014-12-20 21:08:00 by Stuart)
    To the Border Convention Website Manager on achieving 100,000 hits, this is real evidence that there is a community out there that is interested in the Border Fancy.
    Well done Colin and everyone that contributes to the BC Website

    (Posted on 2014-12-16 10:06:00 by Stuart)
  40. NEWS
    Just posted the Northern Ireland Border Show Results on my Facebook page Mason Borders.
    Been away again since Thirsday last week, back last night and a mini biathlon this morning for School Year 4, 5, and 6 it is such a pleasure to have the enthusiasm of the little ones on the sports field, although this morning on the Fylde Coast it was raining and very windy.
    Birds are looking in tip top condition and cocks singing nicely - not too forward yet but well on track for this time of year - I have to remember that most of the unflighted birds were born early in the year, first chick hatched 27th February so have to keep this in mind. I wont be starting quite so early this year though.
    Been a while waiting but we finally get away to Belgium this week - I think I would be right to say we are all looking fwd to it. Full report when we get back obviously.

    (Posted on 2014-12-14 19:12:00 by Stuart)
  41. NEWS
    Sorry for missing a couple of days on the news but I have been flat out at work and away for the weekend, with prospect of being away from Thursday through til Sunday night again this coming weekend. The light at the end of the tunnel (no pun) but the channel tunnel is coming quickly and our visit to Belgium will soon be here. I had no idea how much interest this little juant of ours has raised. I even had a friend in Belgium get in touch to say if he wasnt working he would have come down and joined us for the day.
    The main thing for me over the last few days has been the subject of how clean our birds are at the time of going to breeding season, I.E are they completely clean of all bacterial infection, I was told quite convincingly that in the opinion of continental canary breeders that us Brits are way behind the curve in this respect and we do not understand the full cleansing process required to ensure successful breeding season. I was talked through what my goldfinch friend does and it is well documentated that he breeds several hundred each year, club members with same number of Yorkshires each year. For these reasons I am chomping at the bit to hear what Dr Peter has to say and what we can learn to take us forward.
    One thing for sure is that a simple course of Baycox is not enough and this only kills coxidiosis, it has to be followed up with anti fungal, mega and E-coli treatment. Only then is your bird clean. We can all relate to 3 stages of mortality I think 1. Dead in Shell when fully formed? WHY, 2. Dead after 3 - 4 days old? WHY, or 3. Dead just after moulting? WHY
    These are what we need answers to.... and then share this information when we get back.
    Personally I think I am about 60 - 70% there and my breeding seasons have improved since I took an active interest in researching chick mortalityand what causes it. The other vital thing and important piece information is knowing exactly what the hens reproductive cycle is and fertility timeline - I have a very good research paper on this if anyone wants to read it. Drop me an email and I will fwd you a copy. S

    (Posted on 2014-12-08 15:29:00 by stuart)
  42. NEWS
    Sun is shining but boy is it cold outside here in Blackpool, a frost off car windscreen exercise this morning for sure. I went in the shed first thing and even my breath was condensing it was so cold, not sure even though we say the birds need a cold spell to tighten them up it actually needs to be that cold, I was freezing my bits off. I am setting the heating control to keep that chill off a bit from tonight, don't see why I should be baltic in my own shed. I know there will be differing opinions and too soon for a bit of heat just yet, but hey, everyone to their own:-)
    Just 2 weeks now before we go to Belgium (14 in the group now) we have collated a set of questions from the group and sent them to Dr Peter at the Trigenio Clinic to save time on the day and give him time to consider and hopefully he can type in the answers for us to bring back with us.
    Examples of questions are:
    Recommend feeding regime from the maintenance period, say beginning of January, till the start of the breeding season, say end of March. To include what standard seed mixtures, conditioning foods should be offered
    I would like a definite answer about sterile bowel syndrome, not guesswork that's been going on for years! If a canary requires probiotics then where in the bird does it accumulate, or multiply?

    Frequency of feeding and any additives vitamins in the water.

    Use of Antibiotics - The effect of antibiotics on the fertility of both the cock and hen bird prior to and during the breeding season. (i.e. Safe withdrawal period ,for maximum fertility )

    Black Spot – update on cause and prevention methods if possible

    How important are amino acids leading up to and during the breeding season.

    Should calcium be fed as I have heard arguments for and against?

    For the last couple of years one or two birds are getting wet sticky heads (around the face) tried a few things but nothing has dried it up.

    What is you view on DIS and most likely cause?

    What is his advice on giving calcium, can it make cocks sterile for 4-6 weeks?

    I would like to know the cause of and recommended treatment for dirty (pasted) vents and noisy (squeaky) breathing.

    (Posted on 2014-12-03 13:37:00 by Stuart)
  43. NEWS
    Birminghan Area Border club.
    Members show will be held on Sunday 29th December 2014 entries accepted between 10 and 11am.There will also be a members Fife show,as a trial this year (New members welcome).The Borders will be judged by Mr Brent Leach,Fife judge to be arranged.The scheduals and entry forms will be available on the day at the show cardboard cage floor covering please.the show will be held at Dudley sports & social club ,High ercal ave ,Breirley hill ,Dudley DY5 3QH.
    Enquiries 01902 496165.
    Cheers Lyndon

    (Posted on 2014-12-01 22:08:00 by Stuart)
  44. NEWS

    The Castrocielo Annual Show was held today 30th November 2014 at “ SWANS LAKE RESTAURANT” a very striking natural oasis. Once again it was Mr. VALENTINO CHERUBINI with their outstanding exhibit of a beautiful unflighted Three-Parts Dark Green Buff Hen that took the Best in Show Award, and they also had 4th, 5th and 6th Best Awards. 2th Best was taken by Mr. Michele Apuzzo , a very nice flighted Three-Parts Dark Green Buff Hen. Mr. Pompeo Mattia took the 3rd Best Award with a excellent unflighted Variegated Yellow Hen and 7th Best Award with a unflighted Variegated Yellow Cock. Best Novice was De Giglio & De Giglio Partnership with a nice unflighted Variegated Yellow Hen. The Club would like to thank all those Exhibitors who support , some travelling considerable distance to do so. We would like to say a big thank you our Judge Mr. John Furley, who did a wonderful job of selecting the winners show. A very special word of thanks to Mr. Pompeo Mattia of Aquino, who organised the Show, the Hotel accomodation, the Gala Dinner and banqueting suite. Lastly thank you to stewarding teams and to myself for help given to Judge all day.
    Antonio Montano (Publicity Officer)


    (Posted on 2014-11-30 22:09:00 by stuart)
  45. NEWS
    Good evening, back home after a few days away at a conference in London. Glad to be back with the birds and able to get in the shed, all seems to be going well and the birds in good order. I am sure the damp weather does have a negative effect and especially with the hens. Probably away again this weekend, definitely on Sunday for sure down to Solihull for a competition. Soon be time for our little road trip to Belgium, counting down the days now.
    Then a break for Xmas when I can get plenty of jobs done in the shed and make preparations for the breeding season that will be on us before we know it. End of November calls for my first treatment of Baycox, 2days then I give another 2 days a week later - against (slightly) the recommendation but it works for me and what I was told by one of my friends in Germany that breeds British finches (very well). then 4 weeks before pairing I repeat the process. Don't stand still or you will go nowhere

    (Posted on 2014-11-27 19:31:00 by Stuart)
  46. NEWS
    Hearing about the judging at the Sussex and Kent I was impressed with their system, they provide two judging stands for each judge, first stand is for the first class of birds while these are being judged the next class of birds are then bought up by the stewards and placed ready on the second stand, it's good because not only are you speeding up the process but the birds have longer to settle before judging.
    You could take this system a step further, if there was a learner or junior judge present he or she could be judging the second class of birds without feeling pressurised by the senior judge looking over their shoulder, then when the senior judge has finish he could then move across and chat with the apprentice and discuss his selection and rectify if needed, in the meantime the first judging stand would now be filled with the next class! I think it's a great idea, fast and effective, I would love to hear what you think, maybe start a forum article - Alan? can you offer a judges opnion.

    (Posted on 2014-11-23 21:33:00 by Stuart)
  47. NEWS
    Submission Date 2014-11-23 13:11:52
    Name of Show NORT H OF SCOT LAND
    Date November 23 2014
    Number of Champion Exhibitors 11
    Number of Champion Entries 130
    Number of Novice Exibitors 4
    Number of Novice Entries 25
    Best Border in Show RONNIE MCGRAT H
    Class/Colour/Fltd/Ufltd Green Yellow S/F Hen a/a
    Best Champion RONNIE MCGRAT H
    Class/Colour/Fltd/Ufltd Green Yellow S/F Hen a/a
    2nd Best Champion RONNIE MCGRAT H
    Class/Colour/Fltd/Ufltd 3 Parts Dark Buff Green Cock U/Fltd
    3rd Best Champion MIKE DAVIES
    Class/Colour/Fltd/Ufltd Hvy Var Green Buff Hen Fltd
    4th Best Champion RONNIE MCGRAT H
    Class/Colour/Fltd/Ufltd Cinn S/F Yellow Hen a/a
    5th Best Champion MIKE DAVIES
    Class/Colour/Fltd/Ufltd Var Green Buff Hen U/Fltd
    6th Best Champion RONNIE MCGRAT H
    Class/Colour/Fltd/Ufltd Any other colour
    Class/Colour/Fltd/Ufltd No award
    Best Novice JO SUT HERLAND
    Class/Colour/Fltd/Ufltd 3 Parts Dark Yellow Green Hen U/Fltd
    2nd Best Novice ASHLEY KILGOUR
    Class/Colour/Fltd/Ufltd Clear or T kd Buff Hen Fltd
    3rd Best Novice T OMMY HADDOW
    Class/Colour/Fltd/Ufltd Var Green Yellow Cock U/Fltd
    4th Best Novice CRAIG DAVIDSON
    Class/Colour/Fltd/Ufltd Hvy Var Green Buff Cock U/Fltd
    Class/Colour/Fltd/Ufltd No award
    Class/Colour/Fltd/Ufltd No award
    Class/Colour/Fltd/Ufltd No award
    Class/Colour/Fltd/Ufltd No award
    Best Clear BRIAN BREMNER
    Best Green S/F RONNIE MCGRAT H
    Best Cinnamon RONNIE MCGRAT H
    Best White RONNIE MCGRAT H
    Best Variegated MIKE DAVIES
    Best 3 Parts Dark RONNIE MCGRAT H
    Judge JIM BOUSIE
    US EVERY YEAR !!!!!

    (Posted on 2014-11-23 18:43:00 by Stuart)
  48. NEWS
    Results of the Sussex & Kent BFCC show are as follows

    Best Borders and best Champion Borders

    1. Ron Baker -- Self green buff hen u/f
    2. Steve Tappenden --- Clear white hen u/f
    3. Mark Symonds -- TPD yellow cock u/f
    4. Steve Tappenden – TPD buff hen u/f
    5. Mark Symonds – Clear yellow hen u/f
    6. Steve Tappenden – Variegated buff cock u/f
    7. Mark Symonds - Variegated yellow cock u/f

    Best Novice

    1. Paul Wright – Clear buff hen u/f
    2. Paul Wright – Clear yellow hen u/f
    3. Paul Wright – TPD yellow hen u/f
    4. Laurie Allen – Heavily variegated yellow cock u/f
    5. Paul Wright – Heavily variegated buff hen fltd
    6. John Barnard – Variegated buff hen u/f
    7. Pete Whitehead – Variegated yellow hen u/f

    Thanks to Judges Tim Ward & john Beddows

    (Posted on 2014-11-23 18:25:00 by Stuart)
    Wexford BFCC Show
    More news and some points from the show:
    300 entries and a good show that went well with some very good birds on the bench.
    Best Welsh Exhibit: Jim and Gail Barry
    Points Comp Champion Paul Glennon
    Points Comp Novice Joe & Luke Walsh
    Congratulations to everyone

    (Posted on 2014-11-22 20:22:00 by Stuart)
  50. NEWS
    Northern BFCC Today Results:
    1st C & A Britton VBC
    2nd I Wishart VYH
    3rd B & P Heathcote VHY
    4th I Wishart CYC
    5th I Wishart 3PDYH
    6th C & A Britton HVYC
    7th B & P Heathcote HVBH
    1st M Donovan VYH
    2nd R Laidler VYC
    3rd R Laidler GYH
    4th G Bishop GBH
    5th R Laidler 3PDBC
    6th G Foster Flt GVBH
    7th R Laidler GVBC

    (Posted on 2014-11-22 19:21:00 by Stuart)
    Appologies for incorrect result, posted what I was sent!
    Wexford results should read:
    Colm Southern 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th
    C Keating 4th
    J Proctor 7th

    (Posted on 2014-11-22 19:13:00 by Stuart)
    Wexford BFCC Show today results so far
    Best Border Colm Southern
    2nd best Colm Southern
    3rd best Colm Southern
    4th best Colm Southern
    5th best Colm Southern
    6th best Colm Southern
    Congratulations Colm

    (Posted on 2014-11-22 15:52:00 by Stuart)
  53. NEWS
    Morning from a wet Blackpool today. Was at the train station before 6am this morning and saw the early morning activity around the town streets - amazing, ranging from young ladies making way home carrying high heel shoes coz feet so sore, to people asleep in doorways and paper lads setting off on their rounds. No different to anywhere I else I hear you say.
    Time now to start concentrating on what pairings will be and have I kept the right combination of cocks and hens from the correct parents and nothing going too close. So plenty of time needed to be set aside to do this.
    Now on countdown to our road trip to Belgium on 18th December, we have 14 of us going now and all looking forward to it very much. Visit to Dr Peter Coutteel to receive one of his well known lectures on Canary Fertility and Breeding Season preparation. This will be coupled with a visit to one of the largest bird supplies shops, visit to Joel Geldorf and also Willy Winkleman's birdrooms. So you can see why we are looking forward to it.

    (Posted on 2014-11-20 07:34:00 by Stuart)
  54. NEWS
    The show cage drinker debate on the member forum seems to be coming to some sort of final conclusion, but more opinions would be welcome.
    Fleetwood weekend been and gone and everyone went home with their own opinion of the weekend. I am nor airing my own view on the www but I am hopeful that a frank and honest assessment is conducted by the committee of the BBFCC with aim of looking inward as to why numbers were down this year and just what can be done about the lighting situation it is no use what so ever saying "it is what it is" no more said.
    The atmoshere was as usual amazing and the North Euston doing a roaring trade on Friday and Saturday evening. Not so impressed with the rock band on the Saturday evening attracting the local community in to pack out the bar more than ever - OK for the older generation border men when they just turn down their earing aids and dampen out the noise though.
    So back into border solitude for another 11 months 3 weeks and 4 days until the next visitors to Blackpool and my shed.
    If anyone ever comes to Blackpool for a break (some do!!) and if you wanna give the Pleasure Beach a miss for an hour then give me a call and if I am in the country you are welcome to pop in,
    Catch up later if anyone around and on the chatroom. S

    (Posted on 2014-11-18 16:29:00 by stuart)
  55. NEWS
    German Border Show Results Best Border W.Bohner, 2nd W.Bohner, 3rd J. Lehmkuhl, 4th F.Popmann, 5th R.Dänner, 6th F.Popmann, 7th W.Bohner

    (Posted on 2014-11-17 11:49:00 by Stuart)
  56. NEWS
    Good evening from Fleetwood!
    For full set of results and a pic of the winning bird you can see these on my Facebook page at Mason Borders.
    Judging over earlier than expected due to fewer birds than expected, the doors to the hall opened early too. I got there at 2ish and the public already in the hall. Once inside and eyes adjusted to the light etc the result sheet showed the Best in Show and Champion Border belonged to Phil Warne a hy var buff hen, nice type and good size. Second best belonged to Stu Percy a tpd yellow green hen and 3rd best belonged to George McGougan a 3pd yellow green cock, very nice bird. The remainder of the results are:
    4th best C & A Britton
    5th best R Hodges
    6th, 7th 8th PR Warne
    9th K Wadkin
    10th PR Warne
    Best Champ cl PR Warne
    Best Champ Green var C & A Britton
    Best Champ Cin K Wadkin
    Best Champ Green PR Warne
    Best Champ Green 3pd S Percy
    Best Champ cin 3pd K Wadkin
    Best Champ white PR Warne
    Best Champ hy var PR Warne
    Best Champ cin var C & A Britton
    In the Novuce section some outstanding birds on the bench and R Thorley took the award for best novice border in show. Paul England had a very strong team out and his seconf place bird looked FAB. Results for the novice section:
    Best Novice R Thorley
    2nd Best Novice P England
    3rd Best Novice A O'Mahoney
    4th Best Novice R Thorley
    5th Best Novie A & S Robertson
    6thand 7th best Novice P England
    8th Best Novice A & S Robertson
    9th Best Novice S Vernon
    10th best Novice A & S Roberston
    Best clear R Thorley
    Best Green var A S & Robertson
    Best Cin G Marshall
    Best Green A & S Roberston
    Best Green 3pd P England
    Best Cin 3pd S Vernon
    Best White A O'Mahoney
    Best Hy Var S Kingorn
    Best Cin var M Slater

    (Posted on 2014-11-15 17:50:00 by Stuart)
    All roads lead to Fleetwood albiet very slowly!!
    I did put a note on to warn people that are coming up the M6 just how bad it is. Some tonight have sat for 2 hours between J17 and J24 in solid tail backs. One chap I spoke to (known to us all!!) was spitting blood and could not believe the sheer volume of traffic.
    Oh well - that said it is now a quick wash and head off up to the North Euston to meet up with a few mates for a pint or two and catch up on all the news.
    I will do my best to get the full results posted here as quickly as possible tomorrow - will go to the show hall and then pop home to upload them for everyone. Good luck and I hope we see some fantastic birds on the bench.
    Bye for now. S

    (Posted on 2014-11-14 19:28:00 by Stuart)
  58. NEWS
    For any statistical people out there I have some feedback as to how the website is going along:
    October 6,739 visitors to the site
    5,364 UK
    576 Ireland
    173 Belgium
    111 Italy
    90 USA
    Googled 2,732 looking for Border Canaries and we are number one on google search engine
    Most referals come through the Border Convention website on the link on the BC Homepage.
    Sleep well with this knowledge....yawn !!

    (Posted on 2014-11-12 17:40:00 by Stuart)
  59. NEWS
    Fauldhouse border results
    Best IanWishart,
    2nd George Mc Gougan,
    3rd George Mc Gougan,
    4th Ian Wishart,
    5th Ian Wishart.
    best R Laidler,
    2nd Jim Forgie,
    3rd Jim Forgie,
    4th G Forster,
    5th A&S Robertson.

    (Posted on 2014-11-10 13:42:00 by Stuart)
  60. NEWS
    Morning from Manchester! still here but the conference is over and I will be heading back home within the next hour and first call will be the shed to check how the birds are, can't wait. I have caught up with results from the weekend, although I did manage to put news flash on as I got them.
    Now the real countdown to the big one this coming weekend - "All roads lead to Fleetwood"
    Not to be a scare monger but in a hope to help you, anyone coming north on the M6 Friday afternoon or evening please allow at least 1 hour to the journey time it normally takes you if your journey takes you through the stretch J8 to J16 - I have done it so many times in the past few weeks and it is torture, 50mph limit for most of the way with just pure traffic overload going North on Friday. Example: Croydon to Manchester last Friday for one of my delegates normally max of 4 and half hours, last Friday 8hrs.
    So once you get to Fleetwood have a great time and I hope to meet up for a beer on Friday/Saturday night - good luck with final preparation of your birds this week. S

    (Posted on 2014-11-10 08:33:00 by Stuart)
  61. NEWS
    Results from Kilkenny CBS in Ireland

    With 300 Borders largest CBS section in British Isles

    Best Border J.Furley U/F Var Buff Cock
    2nd C.Southern U/F Self Yellow Green Hen 3rd C.Southern U/F Clear Yellow Hen 4th J.Furley Fltd Var Yellow Cock 5th C.Southern U/F Clear Buff Hen 6th C.Southern U/F TPD Yellow Hen 7th J.Furley U/F Heavy Var Buff Hen

    Best Novice J & L Walsh Flighted Clear Buff Hen


    (Posted on 2014-11-10 08:24:00 by Stuart)
  62. NEWS
    Merseyside Results (that I have)
    Best R. Sillitoe
    2nd. P. England
    3rd. P. England
    4th. R. Hudson
    5th. A. McGreechin
    6th. J. Pearce
    7th. A. McGreechin

    Best Novice. P. England

    (Posted on 2014-11-10 08:24:00 by Stuart)
    Merseyside BFCC Show today - Best in Show
    Ron Stilitoe
    More results as I get them

    (Posted on 2014-11-09 13:18:00 by Stuart)
  64. NEWS
    Kilkenny Best Border John Furley. Congratulations John

    (Posted on 2014-11-08 18:15:00 by Stuart)
  65. SAD NEWS
    It is with great sadness that GCWBFC announce the sudden death of Tony Quinn from Bristol .Our condolences go to Susan, Derek and family circle. Tony was a member of the GCWBFC for over 40yrs and will be sorely missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him. The border world have lost another true gentleman . John Cunningham President GCWBFC

    (Posted on 2014-11-08 17:26:00 by Stuart)
  66. NEWS
    Owing to berevment a full set up available stock, training, show cages, feeders, drinkers and nest pans at sensible prices to clear whatever you require Somerset BA16 contact 07788910101 phone or text

    (Posted on 2014-11-05 09:56:00 by Stuart)
  67. NEWS
    Premiazioni specialistica show B.c.c.i. Bologna 2014
    Best champion - Cherubini V.
    2° Best champion - Cherubini V.
    3° Best champion - Cherubini V.
    4° Best champion - Capitanio M.
    5° Best champion - Cherubini V.
    6° Best champion - Cherubini V.
    7° Best champion - Cherubini V.

    Best Novices - Stile G.
    2° Best novice - Stile G.
    3° Best novice - Morra S.
    4° Best novice - Morra S.
    5° Best novice - Bigi O.
    6° Best novice - Sacchetto G.
    7° Best novice - Sacchetto G.

    (Posted on 2014-11-03 13:45:00 by Stuart)
  68. NEWS from Italy



    2ND BEST................ V. CHERUBINI TPDBH u/f
    3RD BEST................ V. CHERUBINI VBH u/f
    4TH BEST................ M. CAPITANIO CWH u/f
    5TH BEST................ V. CHERUBINI TPDYC u/f
    6TH BEST................ V. CHERUBINI CBC u/f
    7TH BEST................ V. CHERUBINI CBH u/f


    Antonio Montano

    (Posted on 2014-11-02 21:10:00 by Stuart)
    Top 7 from North Wales BFCC Show today:
    Best Border. John Furley

    Best Champion. J. Furley
    2nd Best Champion. B. Leach
    3rd Best Champion. J. Furley
    4th Best Champion. T. Falkner
    5th Best Champion. M. Barnet
    6th Best Champion. M. Barnet
    7th Best Champion. J. Furley

    (Posted on 2014-11-02 13:27:00 by Stuart)
  70. NEWS
    From Gala yesterday:
    1st and Best Border Brian Chandler
    2nd Best C Britton
    3rd Best Ian Wishart
    4th Best B Chandler
    5th Best C Britton
    6th Best G McGougan
    Best Novice
    1st R Laidler
    2nd R Laidler
    3rd R Laidler
    4th A & S Robertson
    5th G Holt
    6th G Holt
    Congratulations to all

    (Posted on 2014-11-02 13:12:00 by Stuart)
    John Furley Best Border at North Wales BFCC today.
    I will put more results on as I get them.

    (Posted on 2014-11-02 12:37:00 by Stuart)
  72. NEWS
    Just back in Blackpool... long drive up from Heathrow, traffic terrible - Trying to catch up on results
    GC & W
    Best border M Symonds
    2nd best border L Rowlands
    3rd best border M King
    4th best border J Cunningham
    5th best border R Thomas
    6th best border M Ferris
    7th best border J Cunningham

    Best Champion M Symonds
    2nd best L Rowlands
    3rd best M King
    4th best J Cunningham
    5th best J Cunningham
    6th best I Southgate
    7th best I Southgate

    Best Novice R Thomas
    2nd best M Ferris
    3rd best W Williams
    4th best R Colman
    5th best P Wright
    6th best R Colman
    7th beer S Vernon

    Best Clear I Southgate
    Best Var M Symonds
    Best TPD Green J Cunningham
    Best Green J Cunningham
    Best Cinn Mkd J Cunningham
    Best Cinnamon K Wadkin
    Best White I Southgate
    Best U/F M Symonds
    Best Adult M Symonds
    Best O/S M King

    Best Clear R Thomas
    Best Var M Ferris
    BestTPD Green R Colman
    Best Green K Howell
    Best Cinn Mkd P Wright
    Best Cinnamon S Vernon
    Best White N Tench
    BestU/F R Thomas
    Best Adult P Wright
    Best O/S W Williams

    (Posted on 2014-11-01 21:54:00 by Stuart)
  73. NEWS
    One more full day tomorrow before the team returns to the UK Saturday and everyone can head home. I hear that the news from UK is that the weather is quite warm today, great for messing the birds around again just when the cold spell had started. No such luck here in Huumgary, its freezing cold, bright but very cold.
    Couple of weeks only remaining before the pilgimage to Fleetwood begins for the many, not matter if showing or just going to see some amazing borders and of course for the social aspect of the weekend - I am sure it will be great. I always look forward to it as being on my doorstep I get a good few friends call in to see me, have to get extra supply of coffee in though.
    With current BIS's being spread around in the shows so far it will be a good competition for British Champion this year. Good luck

    (Posted on 2014-10-30 14:08:00 by Stuart)
  74. NEWS
    Evening from Budapest (or little town nearby!) not been very active on the website due to limited wifi during the day and then when all the athletes get online during the night time the connection is so weak a snail could deliver a letter quicker, complete waste of time.
    Finished the competition 2 days and now into 3 day training with German and Hungarian teams, run, swim and fence tomorrow with an early start. Home Saturday but wont be before the lights go out, so will be Sunday before I get in the shed. Can't wait and wish for some nice surprises. S

    (Posted on 2014-10-28 20:00:00 by Stuart)
  75. NEWS
    Message received from website friend Neil Tench
    "hi Stuart just finished downloading novice and champion videos on YouTube hope they're up to a good standard for the website ,one of them was taken with the iPad as an experiment but I'm not happy with it .you should find them if you type in neil tench and click on my icon they should come up .thanks neil tench "

    (Posted on 2014-10-27 18:05:00 by Stuart)
  76. NEWS
    I would like to congratulate Gordon Holt for taking all top 7 Novice awards at the West of Scotland Show.

    (Posted on 2014-10-27 11:03:00 by Stuart)
  77. NEWS
    West of Scotland result,
    Best S Percy
    2nd S Percy
    3rd. G Mc Gougan
    4th. I Wishart
    5th. S Percy
    6th. G Mc Gougan
    7th. S Percy

    (Posted on 2014-10-26 18:56:00 by Stuart)
  78. NEWS
    Check the Forum and see if you can contribute to the qurstions about an electronic stock book?

    (Posted on 2014-10-25 16:42:00 by Stuart)
  79. NEWS Flash 2
    To be confirmed - results as sent to me here in Hungary
    East of England
    I b chandler vwh
    2 b chandler cini vy
    3 b chandler vyc
    4 b chandler vbh
    5 bob turner vyh
    6 m Symonds fl vyc.
    7 m Symonds tpdbc

    (Posted on 2014-10-25 14:13:00 by Stuart)
  80. NEWS Flash
    But to be confirmed...... Message exactly as I received it here in Hungary
    Welsh Border
    Best Ian Perrier
    2nd P Warne
    3rd R Husom
    4th Ian Perrier
    5th P Warne
    6th P Warne
    7th L Rowlands

    Best Novice, 2nd, 3rd and 5 th best G Marshall
    4th N Tench
    5th and 6th best K Howells

    (Posted on 2014-10-25 14:10:00 by Stuart)
  81. NEWS
    Wowza what a weekend for the Border Fancy - I dont have the actual talley of the number of Borders benched but I am sure Colin will have a rough idea when he gets the show reports, but I am thinking a couple of thousand borders exhibited this weekend across the 5 shows (Scottish, Cleveland, Wessex, Birmingham and the Irish)
    Clevelands initiative of video streaming the judging, inparticular the awarding of the specials seems to have been a massive success and news is that they intend to further this in future by live streaming online. My personal dream coming to reality - well done Cleveland and the proactive committee of a top class show.
    That said, reports from all others show (verbal in conversation) is that exhibitors have nothing but praise for the show committees that continue to break their balls to put on a good event for their visitors.
    I seemed to be uploading results on Facebook and this website all weeknd long and the number of texts and emails asking where the results are just confirms the interest around the world and here in GB and Ireland in knowing the results straight away. I know this website is now like a temporary hotline on show days until the official results in full are put on the BC website by Colin, but I was wondering if we could initiate a results or news hotline for the fancy on show weekends.? maybe one step too fat at the minute :-)
    Terrible weather here in Blackpool - batten down the hatches tonight

    (Posted on 2014-10-20 16:24:00 by Stuart)
  82. NEWS
    Cleveland BFCC Show results today

    Cliff brittain
    Stu Percy
    Burrows and Miller
    R sillitoe



    (Posted on 2014-10-19 15:21:00 by stuart)
    Cleveland BFCC early news
    Best In Show Cliff Britton
    Best Novice Richard Laidler
    Full results to follow

    (Posted on 2014-10-19 14:16:00 by Stuart)
    Full results to be confirmed but news from the Scottish All Border today is that friend of the website George McGougan has taken top 7 in show...updates to follow as they come in.

    (Posted on 2014-10-19 13:36:00 by Stuart)
  85. NEWS
    Results from Wessex BFCC Show today

    Best border Bob Hodges
    2nd S Tappenden
    3rd R Turner
    4th R Baker
    5th Bob Hodges
    6th Bob Hodges
    7th S Tappenden
    Best novice L Allen
    2nd K Howell
    3rd K Howell
    4th L Allen
    5th P Wright
    6th M Standen
    7th P Wright
    Well done Bob and everyone that took part

    (Posted on 2014-10-18 18:04:00 by Stuart)
  86. NEWS
    Please reference the following with the results from Florence in previous News item
    4th BEST T.P.D. YEL HEN
    7th BEST T.P.D. BUFF HEN

    (Posted on 2014-10-18 16:49:00 by stuart)
  87. NEWS
    Birminghamd BFCC show results
    Best Border Phil Warne
    2nd Best Phil Warne
    3rd Best Phil Warne
    4th Best T Faulkner
    5th Best Phil Warne
    6th Best Phil Warne
    7th Best R Hudson
    BEST Novice R Thorley
    2nd Best R Thorley
    3rd Best R Thorley
    4th Best R Thorley
    5th Best R Thorley
    6th Best T Ayres
    7th Best R Thorley
    Full special list now on my FB page
    Well done to all exhibitors

    (Posted on 2014-10-18 16:44:00 by stuart)
  88. NEWS


    BEST BORDER Valentino Cherubini

    2nd BEST Valentino Cherubini

    3rd BEST Michele Apuzzo

    4th BEST Pompeo Mattia

    5th BEST Valentino Cherubini

    6th BEST Valentino Cherubini

    7th BEST Aurelio Gherardi

    Regards Antonio Montano

    (Posted on 2014-10-18 16:38:00 by Stuart)
  89. NEWS
    Irish BFCC top 3
    Best D. Somerville
    2nd J. Furley
    3rd C. Southern
    Congratulations to 3 great border men

    (Posted on 2014-10-18 15:12:00 by stuart)
  90. NEWS
    Schedules have been sent to all of last year's exhibitors. Anyone else wanting to show should contact Dean on 01179373227 or Entries close on 25th October.

    (Posted on 2014-10-13 20:08:00 by stuart)
  91. NEWS
    Northants Results from today:
    Best Border: Bowley and Stevens
    Best Novice: M Plumb
    Full specials list will be uploaded on the Border Convention website shortly

    (Posted on 2014-10-12 19:57:00 by Stuart)
  92. NEWS
    Results from the IBBA show today are now available for viewing on the Border Convention website.

    (Posted on 2014-10-12 19:49:00 by Stuart)
  93. NEWS
    Good afternoon everyone - I am still stuck in a field most of the day on a riding camp but my inbox in overwhelmingly full of queries about results from shows, I now have the Novice run down from Doncaster:
    1st P England u/f 3/4 buff cock
    2nd R Thorley u/f cyh
    3rd R Thorley u/f vyh
    4th G Bishop u/f gbh
    5th P Calladine u/f cyc
    6th M Donovan
    7th M Donovan
    Please don't shoot the messenger if any of the information is not correct.

    (Posted on 2014-10-12 13:44:00 by Stuart)
    First report in from the Cornish Border, Best In Show Phil Warne, second Brian Chandler, 3rd Brian Chandler, 4th Phil Warne, 5th Brian Chandler....... thats all the news I have for now, well done Phil and Brian.
    Will post more results if I get any sent through.

    (Posted on 2014-10-11 16:51:00 by Stuart)
  95. NEWS
    News flash from Doncaster BFCC show today. Best Champion, 4th and 5th best Stu Percy, 2nd best Howsam and Purvis, 3rd best Mark Symonds, 6th best Ian Southgate and 7th best Malcolm Barnett. Best Novice was Paul England for the second week in a row. Mick Donovan was 6th and 7th best novice and best novice flighted. I dont have any other results at this time. Well done everyone.

    (Posted on 2014-10-11 13:56:00 by Stuart)
  96. NEWS
    Morning everyone - just packing up for another weekend away working.
    No doubt many will be heading off for the shows this weekend travelling thousands of miles between you all and sleeping in hotel beds all for the chance to get your birds on the show bench and see other fine exhibits. Good luck to everyone and hope you all have a great weekend.
    Please drop me results and I will do the very best I can to upload them for you as soon as I can.

    (Posted on 2014-10-10 09:53:00 by stuart)
    Cleveland Border Fancy Canary Club are set to make possible history on the 19th October at their Open Show at Bydales Technical College.
    The judging will be stream Live from the show hall to the restaurant where the visitors can watch the birds being judged. I am so pleased with this initiative because it is something that I have banged the drum about for many years and to their full credit CBFCC has pushed on and done it.
    WHY NOT go along to the show and be able to say you were there when the first live streaming in the border fancu took place.??
    The next stage will be to stream it live on the worldwide web - which club will rise to that challenge.
    (all subject to the engaged judges agreement)

    (Posted on 2014-10-09 21:23:00 by Stuart)
    Sorry Jason I put your name down as Weaver and not Miller, god know why I did that.

    (Posted on 2014-10-05 19:26:00 by stuart)
  99. NEWS
    Novice results from North Staffs today, well done Paul England:
    1st P England
    2nd B Goodwin
    3rd G Marshall
    4th G Marshall
    5th P Morledge
    6th J & G Barry
    7th W Williams
    Thanks to Jason Weaver foe texting me these results tonight

    (Posted on 2014-10-05 18:13:00 by Stuart)
  100. NEWS
    North Staffs results as far as I have them, many thanks to John Furley who has sent us in the results. If someone at all the shows can do similar we can publicise immediately for you:
    North Staffs Border:

    Best Border. P. Warne
    2nd Best. P. Warne
    3rd Best J. Noonan
    4th Best. Bowley&Stevens
    5th. Best. P. Tooth
    6th. Best. P. Warne
    7th. Best. P. Warne
    Best Novice. P. England

    (Posted on 2014-10-05 15:48:00 by Stuart)

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